Himalayan Piggy Bank |1 Bacon Cheese Chew |4 Bacon Cheese Churro |3 Bacon Cheese Yum |2 Bacon Happy Teeth |1 Chew Bone |1 yakyStick |1 Bully Stick |1 Cheese and Bully Stick Bully Bone

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CHEESE AND BACON – Piggy Bank, has it all! What dog can resist the tempting flavors of cheese and real bacon? You will keep your pup satisfied with different textures and densities of chews. We have all chew sessions covered, with soft density CHURRO for the easygoing chewer, medium density YUM for the everyday chewer, Hard Cheese Chews and Smoked Bully Bones for the super chewer. These chews are all-natural, made with limited ingredients, are easily digestible, and are lactose, grain, and gluten free. Our variety pack contains; 1 Himalayan Cheese Chew with real Bacon, 4 CHURRO Bacon Chews – 3 YUM Bacon Chews, 2 Happy Teeth Bacon Dental Chews, 1 Cheese Chew Bone, 1 Yaky Stick Cheese (bully bone wrapped in Himalayan cheese), 1 Bully Stick, and 1 Smoked Bully Bone (Himalayan cheese filled smoked bully bone with a bully stick in the middle). Which chew will be your pups favorite?

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