Octopus Cat Bell Toy

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These interactive Octopus Cat Toys are made of non-toxic materials, very durable, and useful. All color dyes are safe for your cats and environmentally friendly. The material of the paper rope is durable and scratch-resistant, which is very suitable for cats. It is a good way to tease and entice your cat to play.

The design of the cute Octopus Bell Toy is attractive enough for the cat. Designed with bells, they can make the sound interesting to add more fun to the pet. In order for the cat to be busy and exercise more, the cat can be much healthier and does not have time to scratch its furniture.

The Cat Bell Toy is a perfect toy for your cat's exercise and mental health. Interactive cat wand with octopus and bell that inspires the cat's natural instinct and curiosity. The cat toy wand stimulates most of your cat's hunting instincts. Preventing dog damage to the environment, reducing aloneness.

Key Features:

  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Bell sound can let your cat feel excited
  • Colorful color, bring a nice atmosphere to your cat
  • Non-toxic and durable material, not easy to tear up, safe for playing.

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