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PetSport - Mouse Ball
PetSport - Mouse Ball
PetSport - Mouse Ball
PetSport - Mouse Ball
PetSport - Mouse Ball
PetSport - Mouse Ball

    PetSport - Mouse Ball

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    Playing with your furry feline is essential to building a happy relationship with them. They need the mental stimulation and you need the break from your work day. It is sometimes difficult to find that toy that holds your cat's attention. They can only spend so many hours rubbing against and ripping apart their favorite scratching post before they begin to go after your own possessions as their toys. Bring home a new toy to save your sanity and give them a new focus of their attention. Available in packages of up to 72 toys, these little features a ton of catnip oil to make them a potent target for your cat's attention. At six inches long, their fuzzy tails let you pick them up and toss them around for your cat to pounce. Add this to your kitty's toy collection for a treat that will make them go wild.

    Key Features:

    • Order contains 1 mouse ball in total
    • SOFT AND ENGAGING: The coat of the mouse is made of a delicate fleece fabric, a safe option for your kitty.
    • SMELLS LIKE CATNIP: In order to entice your smart feline, it is coated in catnip oil so they are constantly biting and chewing and chasing this pet-friendly toy.
    • PLENTY OF PLAYTIME: Take some time out of your day to enjoy the simple things, like entertaining your cat in the living room by tossing around and tugging at this toy.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester