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                Jack&Pup was started by meat experts and dog lovers who wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it came to our four-legged best friends. We made it our mission to figure out how to source and produce the highest quality dog treats, treats that we would be proud to serve the furry members of our families.

                It’s important to us to source our ingredients responsibly from suppliers who share our commitment to quality. We create all-natural, first-rate treats and chews – in fact, many of our treats come from just one-single ingredient, like 100% grass-fed beef muscle.

                And we make sure our Pups will be happy too! We use refined processes like slow roasting and smoking to deliver rich meaty flavors in treats that are 100% digestible and will never splinter the way rawhide chews do.

                We love a challenge. That’s why we promise nothing less than top-rated treats with a customer experience that will make you feel like family.

                From our family to yours – because all Pups are family too!

                Jack & Pup (14)

                Bully Sticks Jerky 4 oz


                Jack & Pup Pork Jerky Fillet 16 oz.


                Jack & Pup Bully Stick Jerky 12 oz.


                6 Inch Odor Free Bully Sticks - Standard Single Piece


                Chicken Jerky Fillet


                Joint Health Gullet Jerky Bites


                Jack & Pup Duck Jerky Fillet 4oz


                Jack & Pup Venison Burger


                Jack & Pup Bully Stick Jerky 4oz

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