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HICC Pet™ (formerly HICC GROOM!®) was launched in 2020 when the team rescued a stray kitten, Chestnut, who was injured and had open sores. We researched diligently for something that would be effective in treating the wounds, but gentle enough to be safe to use in a kitten. Our research led us to hypochlorous acid, a topical product that had been successfully used in battlefield wounds, but was gentle on the skin and non-irritating. We confirmed the safety of this choice with a veterinarian and began using it on Chestnut. We were amazed at how quickly Chestnut responded. In fact, we were so happy with the results that we approached a manufacturer who was willing to create hypochlorous acid products specifically formulated for pets, and a new company was born. Chestnut is now the Chief Experience Officer of HICC Pet™, and a testament to the beneficial effects of its products. Chestnut and the HICC Pet™ team are proud to offer a variety of safe, natural, and effective products and are committed to the health and wellness of pets worldwide.



HICC PET Anti-Itch & Antimicrobial Pet Ear Cleaner Solution 4 Fl Oz


HICC PET Dental Finger Wipes for Cats & Dogs 50 pc


HICC PET Dog & Cat Oral Care Spray 5.1 Oz


HICC PET Grooming Gloves for Cats and Dogs - 5 Pairs


HICC PET Skin Care Spray For Wounds, Itch Relief And Hot Spots for Cats & Dogs 16 Fl Oz


HICC PET Wound & Antimicrobial Spray for Cats & Dogs 10.1 oz.