Doggles Plush Bottle, Skunk - Black

Doggles Plush Bottle, Skunk - Black

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The Ultimate GREEN Toy.

Why throw away your used water bottles? Recycle and stuff them in this toy for crunchy, crinkly fun!

Dogs love the CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH and the squeakers add even more fun to this fantastic toy!

Can also be used without the bottle as a no stuffing toy. The options are endless, and so is the fun your dog will have playing with their new favorite toy!

P.S. Please note that some of the options available have two sqeuakers and some only have one.

Toys with two (2) Squeakers: Ground Hog, Skunk, Racoon, Rabbit, Shark

Toys with one (1) Squeaker: Lobster, Clownfish, Duck, Eel, Brown Chicken

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