Minimalist Dog Toy

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Minimalist Dog Toy is with squeaker for added excitement. Light and soft for playful games, the perfect companion for playful pups. These cord character soft toys are great to keep puppies entertained and company when snuggled up. Prevents them from destroying the furniture as well.

The Dog Stuffed Toys made of natural plush, and natural stuffed for a better touch feeling. Soft play toys suitable for very young puppies, small, medium, and large breeds. perfect for a fetch game or as a comfortable soft dog toy for your furry friend, helps to relieve their anxiety and boredom. 

These Realistic Dog Toys are lightweight, long-lasting, breathable, and perfect for stimulating your doggy’s hunting instinct and increasing their interest in chasing, fetching, and playing. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys and to effectively clean the dog's teeth.

Key Features:

  • Light and soft for playful games.
  • To effectively clean the dog's teeth.
  • Lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable.
  • Made of natural plush, and with natural stuffed.
  • Suitable for very young puppies, small, medium.

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