Rope Neck Plush Dog Toys

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Rope Neck Dog Toys made of natural, solid, multi-color cotton and non-toxic synthetic material, attractive and appealing. Durable rope weaving toy is set for chewing and playing dogs, strong structure, lasting fun. We think that you can easily bring your pet with you when you are not at home or busy with this toy.

Plush Dog Toys designed for animal style with rope, very cute and fun, very attractive to your dog. when you go out to work and accompany your dog, your dog will not feel lonely, he will have a good time. Develop intelligent and perfect interactive goods that are perfect for pet training.

Lightweight, and occlusal resistant, the Buttercup Plush Sound Toy can help clean dog teeth, improve dental health, and vocal function. Wonderful gifts for your cute dog that can be used for indoor and outdoor games or training to strengthen better relationships.

Key Features:

  • Include buttercup plush sound.
  • Lightweight, durable, and dog-friendly.
  • Made of natural, solid, multi-color cotton.
  • Designed for animal style, very cute and fun.
  • Non-toxic synthetic material, attractive and appealing.


  • Weight: 68g
  • Size:  12"
  • Shape: Animal
  • Includes: 1 x Buttercup Plush Sound Toy

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